Why an Onco data management system?

Why Onco

Unlike general-use hospital information systems ONCO’s data systems are cancer-specific. ONCO provides a set of applications designed to fill the specific needs of the oncology professional, regardless of practice or function area. Whatever your role in oncology — physician, nurse, or administrator — you’ll benefit from the extraordinary flexibility of unlimited custom data fields and data sets that match the unique requirements and specific workflow of your department.

That flexibility extends to having an unrestricted number of users and workstations, so all appropriate departments have the advantage of multi-disciplinary access to all necessary database information.


Nobody helps you do more
with data than ONCO.

Only ONCO offers you a full suite of oncology data management tools including a protocol data manager, registry and physician staging, follow-up manager, quality indicator manager, and more!

System Architecture

Built on the proven reliability of a relational database, ONCO’s products run on MS SQL Servers which are well known as powerful and reliable database systems. This brings the combined benefits of open client access and a true enterprise-wide operation.

Additional benefits include:

  • Scalability
  • Speed is not affected by the number of users
  • Designed to interface with other enterprise data systems via HL7
  • Task-oriented interface design allowing for fast data entry and efficient operation

Data security. Data integrity.

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of your information. Losing it would be unthinkable. Every ONCO product comes with advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access, theft and to protect patient privacy. Onco is a fully HIPAA compliant product.

Centralized storage. Multiple access.

With ONCO’s software suite, all data is processed and stored in a single location and users from different facilities can all share that information. That saves time, money and reduces the possibility of error. Also, because ONCO systems can be web-based, they’re available for you to work anywhere, any time.

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Flexibility.

The ONCO site license includes unlimited users and workstations. This enhances portability and allows system use by as many departments as needed.

The unparalleled flexibility of the ONCO system enables each user to create unlimited custom defined fields. These custom fields can be attached to any of the existing tables within the relational structure, or can be attached to user-created tables. That’s in addition to the specific cancer data sets including pediatric, radiation, and medical oncology. All custom fields are available for ad hoc queries via ONCO’s reporting module.

Where better cancer care begins.

Information is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against cancer. ONCO’s software suite is one of the most powerful oncology data tools available.

With ONCO’s software, you can collect and track patient information and treatment data from initial diagnosis throughout the entire course of care. Diagnosis-specific data can be examined to segment patients and evaluate long-term outcomes. Readily available for outcomes analysis and reporting, the data also helps you:

  • Manage treatment regimens, protocols, toxicities, drug doses and drug reactions
  • Document adverse events and disease response
  • Be HIPAA compliant, along with any other regulatory necessities
  • Eliminate manual processes and paper related to data management, disease management, tracking and compliance reporting
  • Enjoy an immediate return on investment with significant savings in terms of time and money

Multiple studies and reports with singular ease

With just a few mouse-clicks, you will be gaining valuable information from predefined oncology-specific data sets including:

  • Toxicity, treatment patterns and responses, population and survival
  • Case Report Forms (CRFs), adverse event listing, and variance reporting

And these reports automatically integrate with MS Word and Excel.

Standardized coding for higher standards in healthcare

Improved patient care and accelerated department workflow are just two of the benefits of electronically exchanging cancer-specific patient data with other healthcare information systems.

Use of industry-standardized codes for electronic healthcare records such as Health Level Seven (HL7) allows for easy integration with other data management systems or EMRs.

ONCO systems automatically download patient demographic information or NAACCR record. Our software also allows you to specify real-time or schedule-driven update intervals, and customize data filters to specify the types of information exchanged.