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SAR Conformance Module


The Next Generation…

Let Onco’s new SAR module assist you with complying with the new COC accreditation rules. Onco offers a unique blend of documentation and reporting capabilities that ease the way to achieving and maintaining COC Accreditation. Now with the addition of Onco’s SAR module, it has never been easier.


SAR Conformance Module features

  • Have all required SAR documentation at your fingertips for Survey preparation.
  • Significantly reduce the time and money spent on Survey preparation.
  • Easily track and document Cancer Committee and Tumor Board in real time.
  • Easily document meeting minutes:
    • Maintain a chronologic record of membership and credentials of cancer caregivers.
    • Maintain a historical record of program goals and accomplishments.
    • Maintain a central repository and log of all documents that must be uploaded into your SAR.