Efficiency. Accuracy. Flexibility.

Protocol Data Manager

Protocol Data Manager allows you to keep pace with the daily activities associated with protocol management while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. It is the solution that today’s Protocol Data Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants and Principle Investigators have been searching for.


With ONCO Protocol Data Manager you can:

  • Facilitate any type of clinical research — Oncology, Cardiology, Diabetes, etc.
  • Use third-party tools such as Excel, Access or Crystal Reports because it’s open architecture database accessible
  • Easily create Case Report Forms (CRF’s)
  • Automate Calendars and integrate with MS Outlook
  • Create unlimited supplemental, custom data fields and sets


Resources to help you manage data:

  • Up to date, searchable, sortable, online library of approved trials with eligibility and treatment information
  • Searchable event library including all versions of NCI’s Common Toxicity Criteria
  • Codification of events and tasks for reports and data analysis
  • The ability to compare target accrual to auto-calculated accrual of patient on each protocol
  • Rapid viewing of different arms (phases) of a study along with tasks and events for each arm
  • Search protocols using phase, disease type, sex and age range
  • Associate documents with a protocol with the ability to print on command
  • Automatic generation of survival curves in Excel
  • Easy creation of frequency tables and Excel spreadsheets using Onco’s report module

Onco’s Protocol Data Manager also allows you to search protocol patients by investigator, study group, protocol number, CRA, event code, registration number and date range. You can easily query protocol and patients and associate unlimited protocols for each patient, simultaneously or chronologically.

In addition, it can generate letters and forms for a multitude of patients using Onco’s mail merge feature. The Survival Module offers relative, observed and Kaplan-Meier survival models.

Protocol Data Manager screenshot

Calendars, Tasks and Events:

  • Easily add custom, user-defined events
  • Track next review date for IRB as well as study progress
  • Create patient calendars displayed and printed in Monthly, Weekly and Daily views. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  • Track amendments and the IRB approval dates for amendments
  • Track upcoming tasks and events easily and quickly
  • Quickly generate lists and calendars for patients
  • Track toxicities for each patient and flag severe toxicities and report dates
  • Delay treatment and generate a new patient calendar effortlessly
  • Select a user-defined term of calculation as well as study intervals


Track Payments and Billing:

  • Milestone payments and if invoiced and/or paid
  • Billable procedures and treatments
  • Cost/amount recovered on specific procedures and treatments
  • Sponsored treatment your facility’s patients have received


My experience with the ONCO protocol application has been excellent.  The database has helped my staff and I with COG data scores, protocol safety, compliance, data submission and reporting!

ONCO Protocol User