Not just one solution. A suite of solutions.


ONCO is uniquely positioned to help advance the fight against cancer because of our experience and understanding of the industry. This experience and understanding enables ONCO to develop an extraordinary range of oncology software tools to help gather, track, assess, and share vital information. There are many members of the Oncology team — ONCO has many software solutions to help.

ONCO’s systems can:

  • Aggregate patient information in oncology-specific electronic charts
  • Streamline your workflow so you can spend more time focused on your patients and less time recording and managing data
  • Increase your department profitability by optimizing your staff efficiency and patient throughput

In addition, ONCO’s proprietary software can generate:

  • Oncology-specific reports — outcomes, toxicity, treatment patterns and survival rates
  • Custom Case Report Forms (CRF), adverse event listings and more


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Why ONCO Data Management System?

Only ONCO offers you a full suite of oncology data management tools including a protocol data manager, registry and physician staging and follow-up manager, late effects tracker, breast cancer data management and more!

System Architecture

Data security. Data integrity.

Centralized storage. Multiple access.

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Flexibility.

Where better cancer care begins.

Multiple studies and reports with singular ease

Standardized coding for higher standards in healthcare