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Consulting Services

Why choose Onco? 


Experience, Independence, Objectivity and Results

  • Expertise in all aspects of cancer program management and registry operations
  • Experience in the application of CoC Standards
  • Extensive experience in providing consultative services
  • Committed to providing high quality, clinically significant, cancer data
  • Advocate for enhancing the role of cancer registry professionals


What types of services are available?


Survey Assessment:

  • External, non-biased, independent assessment of the cancer program
  • Pre-survey assessment of compliance with CoC standards and recommendations
  • Review and assistance with required documentation for COC standards
  • Assistance in complying with the clinical standards for Navigation, Survivorship Plans and Psychosocial Distress screening
  • Consultative “mock survey”
  • Assistance with preparation of PAR and SAR
  • Onsite support during the survey visit


Cancer Registry Assessment:

  • Staffing analysis and recommendations
  • Registry operations assessment and recommendations for improved efficiency in case finding, abstracting, follow-up and reporting
  • Review and assistance with preparation of policy and procedure manuals
  • Assistance with C3PR and Rapid Reporting
  • Assessment of data quality and assistance in setting up a quality assurance program
  • Recommendations for utilizing cancer registry data by leadership for strategic planning
  • Using NCDB, SEER and other national databases to enhance registry data reporting
  • Maximizing cancer registry software for increased productivity
  • Mentoring new CTRs and providing education to staff
  • Assistance with setting up telecommuting for registry staff
  • Preparation of or assistance with the Cancer Registry Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Interim management of the cancer registry


Who will benefit?

  • New programs undergoing survey for the first time
  • Cancer Programs with contingencies
  • Cancer Registries who must to do “more with less”
  • New CTRs undergoing survey for the first time
  • Oncology leadership who want to use the registry data for strategic planning