The Impact of Cancer Screening on Early Detection

Cancer ScreeningExciting improvements in cancer screening and advancements in treatment have positively impacted early detection and survivorship numbers. But studies show that cancer survivors may still not be receiving adequate follow-up care due to unclear guidelines. Therefore, stressing the importance of post-cancer screenings and checkups become critical points of focus for any sized organization.

Below are some of the new and exciting advancements in cancer screening and how it impacts early detection.

Early Cancer Detection In the News: Blood Test May Lead to Early Detection of Common Cancers

According to a study published by Science, a new blood-based cancer DNA test, CancerSEEK, may be able to screen for eight common cancer types simultaneously, while also being able to identify the location of the disease.

This extremely sensitive test is designed to accurately detect one mutated fragment of DNA among 10,000 normal DNA fragments, literally “finding the needle in the haystack.”

The team at Johns Hopkins University thinks it is ready for testing as a screening tool, but currently is only recommended for at-risk people, whether it be due to a family history of cancer, underlying genetic conditions predisposing to cancer, or just older age. But, because of the affordability and reliability of CancerSEEK, there is hope that the cancer screening could become as mainstream as a cholesterol test.

Cancer Screening In the News: Screening, Treatment Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths in Half

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that breakthroughs in cancer screening and treatment have drastically cut the percentage of women dying from breast cancer….by almost half. The researchers found, “treatments that target specific types of breast cancer have generated the most scientific advancement and, as such, have taken a larger role in saving lives.” In addition to these new treatments, improvements in traditional chemotherapy are also helping more women survive breast cancer.

Tracking Cancer Screening Data with Quality Indicators

With access to the right tools, professionals such as nurse navigators, case managers and physicians can successfully navigate patients through the course of their treatment, into survivorship and follow-up for continued cancer screening.

Leading cancer organizations have developed quality indicators that help facilities measure the quality of health care and promote quality care improvement. As a seamless way to collect and view data on screenings, diagnosis, treatments, compliance and outcomes, Onco’s Quality Indicator Manager software makes it easier to collect and monitor concordance. With streamlined data collection, organizations are able to concentrate on outcomes, analysis and reporting without worrying about the integrity of data.

ONCO, Your Total Solution Provider

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