The More Things Change: 2018 Cancer Registry Guidelines – Part 3

cancer registry guidelines Are you prepared for a successful 2018? Wrapping up our series on “The More Things Change,” the experts at ONCO Oncology Data Management Systems have outlined some of the latest changes in cancer registry guidelines that we can expect for 2018. Let us help you set up for success this New Year as we review the new oncology changes below.

Changes are Here: 2018 Cancer Registry Guidelines

In our first two articles, we covered an initial overview of cancer registry changes that cancer registry professionals need to be aware of for the upcoming year including changes within the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) 8th Edition for staging, SEER EOD coding and new and revised prognostic data items.

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  • Current SSFs that collect chapter specific grades will be retired
  • Three new grade data items
    • Grade Clinical
    • Grade Pathological
    • Grade Post-neoadjuvant
  • New grade data items will:
    • Incorporate chapter specific grading systems, when applicable
    • Allow for coding grade at different points of care
    • Historical/standard definitions when specific grading systems are not available or not applicable (well, mod, poorly, undiff, unknown)

MP/H Rules

  • New rules for solid tumors (determining multiple primaries and histologies)
  • Should add clarity and not result in an increase in the number of new primaries

Hematopoietic Database

  • Updates will be based on clarifications received from AJCC 8th Edition hematologic chapters
  • Revised WHO Hematopoietic book

NAACCR Standards Volume II

  • Data standards and data dictionary
  • Standard Setter requirements

CoC 2018 STORE Manual

  • New CoC manual replaces FORDS for data collection by hospital cancer registries
  • CoC has not defined required data fields yet


  • Develop edits for new data items, update edit-related tables to accommodate changes to site/histologies, and revisions to TNM edits

2018 Implementation Guidelines

  • Collaborative effort to develop guidelines and recommendations for 2018 implementations

Are More Cancer Registry Changes Coming?

While not all of the changes you need to know about are covered in this three-part series, we hope you now have a good overview of considerations to start your year off on the right foot. As always, cancer registry professionals need to stay on their toes and should probably expect more changes to come. We’ll keep you updated on our blog as they’re revealed.

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