OncoLog Cancer Registry
OncoLog Cancer Registry is a critical tool for cancer program analysis, administrative and clinical reporting and other day to day tasks in cancer data management. Our product meets increasing regulatory compliance and quality assurance reporting demands.
Protocol Data Manager
Protocol Data Manager allows you to keep pace with the daily activities associated with protocol management while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. It is the solution that today’s Protocol Data Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants and Principle Investigators have been searching for.
Quality Indicator Manager
Collect and view data on screening, diagnosis, treatment , quality compliance, and outcomes in one area. Streamline the data collection process and concentrate on outcomes, analysis and reporting.


Navigators and CTRs: Collaborating to Meet Standard 3.3
Considering quality cancer data is central in the fight against cancer; cancer registrars are the essential first step in gathering this important data. As a systematic collection of data about cancers, Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) capture a comprehensive summary of patient history, diagnosis, treatment and health status for cancer patients throughout the United States. However, […]
Doing More with Less While Improving Quality Cancer Care
For the growing number of newly diagnosed cancer patients, the cancer care system can seem complex and overwhelming. To best service patients, while dealing with today’s rapidly evolving healthcare systems, hospitals are looking for ways to do more with less. But, there’s more to it than that. To do more with less and improve quality […]
6 Keys to Success Using the Oncology Care Model
According to the NIH, cancer is one of the nation’s most common diseases and is estimated to cost at least $158 billion annually by 2020. So, in effort to improve quality care and reduce the cost of care, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed a delivery and payment system for practitioners treating […]
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System Architecture

Built on the proven reliability of a relational database, ONCO’s products run on MS SQL, the most powerful and reliable database engine.

Data security.

Every ONCO product comes with advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access, theft and to protect patient privacy…

Multiple reports, singular ease.

Easily accessible information from predefined oncology-specific data sets and CRFs, all MS Word and Excel integrated…

Unlimited users & flexiblity

Enhanced portability, customized interfaces and flexible integration…

Standardized Coding

HL7 and other standardize coding allows for easy integration with other data management systems…


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