OncoLog Cancer Registry
OncoLog Cancer Registry is a critical tool for cancer program analysis, administrative and clinical reporting and other day to day tasks in cancer data management. Our product meets increasing regulatory compliance and quality assurance reporting demands.
Protocol Data Manager
Protocol Data Manager allows you to keep pace with the daily activities associated with protocol management while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. It is the solution that today’s Protocol Data Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants and Principle Investigators have been searching for.
Quality Indicator Manager
Collect and view data on screening, diagnosis, treatment , quality compliance, and outcomes in one area. Streamline the data collection process and concentrate on outcomes, analysis and reporting.


Preparing the Cancer Registry Policy and Procedure Manual
According to the Commission on Cancer, a cancer registry policy and procedure manual should be developed and maintained to document each phase of a cancer registry operation to not only promote a smooth operation of the registry but also serve as a training reference for new staff. A complete and up-to-date procedure manual can also […]
Mentoring New Cancer Registrars
Entering a new role can be challenging no matter what industry or environment. From learning new policies and procedures to understanding how to negotiate multiple systems, protégés often seek out advice from trusted mentors to navigate unclear job roles and requirements. Mentorship has been identified as a critical component to professional success, particularly within oncology […]
National Cancer Moonshot Initiative Shines Light on Challenges of Sharing Cancer Registry Data
The National Cancer MoonShot (NCM) 2020 was introduced in 2016 as the world’s most comprehensive cancer collaboration. In his State of the Union Address, former President Obama called on former-Vice President Biden to lead this new initiative with the goal to greatly accelerate prevention, diagnosis, and quality of cancer care through accelerated cancer research and […]
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System Architecture

Built on the proven reliability of a relational database, ONCO’s products run on MS SQL, the most powerful and reliable database engine.

Data security.

Every ONCO product comes with advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access, theft and to protect patient privacy…

Multiple reports, singular ease.

Easily accessible information from predefined oncology-specific data sets and CRFs, all MS Word and Excel integrated…

Unlimited users & flexiblity

Enhanced portability, customized interfaces and flexible integration…

Standardized Coding

HL7 and other standardize coding allows for easy integration with other data management systems…


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