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General Cancer Information


ACS  American Cancer Society
ARIA  Varian Oncology Information System
CCW  Children's Cancer Web
CDC  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
COC  Commission on Cancer
COG  Children's Oncology Group
CRG  Cancer Registrars Group
ECOG  Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group
HIPAA  Privacy Rule and Public Health
IARC  International Agency for Research on Cancer (Was IKR)
NAACCR  North American Assoc of Central Cancer Registries
NCI  National Cancer Institute
NCRA  National Cancer Registrars Association
ONCOLINK  Oncolink - University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
RTOG  Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
RxLIST  The Internet Drug Index
SEER  Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result
SOCRA  Society of Clinical Research Associates
SSDI  Social Security Death Index
SWOG  Southwest Oncology Group
VARIAN  Varian Medical Systems
WHO  World Health Organization

National Cancer Institute Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR)

International Association of Cancer Registries

American Joint Committee on Cancer






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